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Osburn 1600

The Canadian-Designed, New Zealand Manufactured Osburn 1600 is an environmentally-friendly wood-burner. It is one of only a handful of clean air burners that's wetback approved throughout New Zealand, including the Environment Canterbury (ECAN) area.

Dry Model $2799
Wet Model $2999

It is clean burning and easy to operate, with an impressive list of features:

- Heats 150-210 square meters*
- All heating factors controlled by a single air control handle
- Heavy steel construction
- Large radiant top allows cooking
- Self-cleaning glass door
- Large firebox with 343mm height under baffle for large pieces of wood
- Built-in ash pan on pedestal for easy cleaning
- Lab Tested Peak Output 21.9 kW
- 10 year warranty on firebox
- Efficiency: Wet 67% Dry 70%


Height Width Depth
745mm 635mm 675mm

Minimum hearth size (mm):
Std 800w x 1000d
Cnr 1140w x 1430d

Clearances to combustibles:
Side: 360mm Rear: 100mm Corner: 150mm

Water booster specifications:
Height to outlet 480mm/ Height to inlet 380mm

Price: NZ$2799.00Inc. GST

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R5000 Leg

R5000 Leg

The R5000 Leg Option combines the unique features of the R5000 Ped yet offering a slightly different Leg base to accommodate the styling of a more traditional fireplace setup. - Emissions: 0.5 g/kg - Efficiency: 71 % - 19kW tested peak heat output - Heats an average 3-4 bedroom house up to 190m2 - 6mm steel fire box for durability - 8mm radiant cook top - Wetback approved (2.7kw $299 extra) - Lined with fire bricks for efficient burning - Metallic black paint finish - Pedestal stand with built-in 'Ash-pan' - Optional Wetback Kit (986063) or Fan Kit (983916)* *Only one option can be fitted at any given time

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Xeoos X8 Solo

Xeoos X8 Solo

Xeoos X8 series ULEB fire Based on the German Downdraft Gasification styled appliance now so popular in the EU, we are proud to offer the most affordable AND cleanest burning ULEB (as tested to CM1) in New Zealand. The Solo Finished in Metallic Black is the most humble offering in the range with identical Efficiency and Output offering with and Estimated peak of 12Kw. The Xeoos X8 Solo is suitable for effective heating through to approximately 120m2 in an insulated environment. The Xeoos is completely wood powered with no supplimentary Power or Gas required for operation at any stage of combustion. If you have no Logfire and previously could not fit one in your home, you now have the ability to buck that trend and feel what youve been missing all this time. Inquire today for details via Tropicair, Xeoos' sole New Zealand retailer.

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Stylish yet very practical the Masport R1500 is a great wood fire that will suit any household. The R1500 is built to complement efficient heating without damaging your wallet. 14kW Estimated peak heat output Heats an average 2-3 bedroom house up to 140m2 6mm steel fire box for durability 6mm radiant cook top Easy installation with ash only protection required Lined with fire bricks for efficient burning Metallic black paint finish Pedestal stand Specifications Installation: Freestanding Height: 658 mm Width: 600 mm Depth: 437 mm Firebox Warranty: 10 years Approvals: ECAN, NES Flue Type: Conventional Flue Emissions: 0.9 g/kg Efficiency: 69 %

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