Diesel fires fill a similar yet different role in Canterbury homes. With fires ranging from 78%-93% efficiency they are an option that is the closest to wood in heating/cost. Diesel fires distribute constant heat output so they do not require the high Kilowatt output that a log fire experiences in the middle of a wood load. The end result is the same however with a well heated home.

The 5 main advantages of Diesel over wood is a Diesel fire can burn all night on low and there is no stacking your wood, daily carting of wood, no chopping and best of all NO MESS. Most diesel fires work without power though some of the higher efficiency models do require about 40watts of continuous power.

We stock both powered and non-powered styled Diesel fires

Below is the range of diesel fires and support systems required as part of installation.

Tropicair Fires

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Tanks and Accessories

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