Insert and Inbuilt fires are designed for use in old masonry open fires and built into wall cavities.

The easy way to remember is an Insert fire is ‘Inserted’ into an existing open fire cavity, an Inbuilt (commonly called a Z/C or Zero-Clearance fire) is ‘Built In’ to a wall.

Insert fires

Insert fires can only be used inside of a Masonry/Brick cavity that has a bottom, back and sides that is sealed to a non-combustible hearth and surround. They can be fitted whether you have a full chimney or not with compliant flue solutions even if most of your chimney was removed in an Earthquake. They cannot be fitted into a wooden enclosure, the fire must be fully encased in non-combustible material.

Inbuilt fires (Z/C or Zero-Clearance)

Most commonly called a Zero-Clearance fire, there are select models available that come as Z/C. Each Zero clearance model with have its own unique build plans that are relevant to that model and must be followed 100%. Some plans will dictate Stud and lintel placement, Ventilation requirements and some have wall lining requirements. The benefits of a Z/C fire is that any wall surface in your home can be turning into a purpose build housing for a Z/C fire. Z/C Fires can also be elevated up the wall for convenience and modern styling.

Below is the range of Insert and Inbuilt (Z/C) Clean air fires we offer, some are also available as Rural.

Tropicair Fires

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Masport Fires

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Metro Fires

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Other brands

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