Ultra Low Emission Burners or ULEB’s fill a vital role in Canterbury as the ONLY fire type that can be fitted inside the clean air zone in new homes and homes with no current solid fuel device suitable for replacement. If you do have some device in your home capable of burning wood then contact us for advice. Otherwise the below products are suitable for installation anywhere in Canterbury.
ULEB’s available are the Tropicair Duo, Tropicair Rua, and select other brands.
Our Products, the Tropicair Duo & Rua (ULEB) are designed and made in New Zealand. Both fires have a combination of gasification and clean air that allows it to be the market leader in clean burning. The Duo is currently the cleanest wood fire ever designed at 0.1g/kg, designed and made for the New Zealand domestic heating market. Colour options are available and a base option is also available for the Duo. A wetback option is available for the Duo only.

Current makes & models

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