Return and Refund Policy for Tropicair Heating.

Returns Damaged: Returns for damaged goods. (Cannot be fixed with a touch up spray) will be returned to Tropicair for assessment. We cover the return and new freight if the item is deemed freight or factory damaged. It is therefore important that Items are checked on receiving prior to signing for them as ‘In good condition’. A new item will be forwarded as soon as available for despatch.
Returns General: Tropicair Must be notified of your intention to return goods within 5 working days and goods must be returned within 10 working days. All returned goods are subject to a Minimum 20% restocking fee and where the item is a Non-Tropicair brand product there will also freight and handling charges back to the manufacturer. This is imposed by manufacturers across the industry and is not subject to negotiation. Return freight is at the customers cost and freight insurance Must be taken out for the return of goods to ensure they are returned undamaged as return freight damaged saleable goods may lead to considerable costs.
Refunds: Once we receive your item, we will inspect it and notify you that we have received it. We will then notify you of the status of your refund and request account detail information for a direct transfer. If the return is approved, Funds will be transferred as soon as practical.
Shipping: Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer unless advised by Tropicair in the case of damage on arrival. Return freighted goods must be covered by insurance prior to sending to ensure costs are covered if saleable goods are damaged during return transport.
Contact Us: It is best to contact Tropicair in the event of returns to ensure there is a clear understanding and expectations are met. or 03 3790 438