Tropicair Heating Ltd for terms of trade will be referred to as “the seller”. The beneficiary of products and/or services at the time of ordering/quote acceptance will be referred to as “the buyer”. No new party can be substituted as the buyer or the seller without all parties’ written agreement including the incoming party. “The Seller” includes Tropicair Heating and its Subcontractors where appropriate.

Goods and Services:

Goods and or services are as defined in the quote or estimate supplied that your deposit will be paid against. In the case of non-quoted work, the buyer understands the “invoice at the end” is based on the costs incurred by the seller as recorded by the seller. The Terms of Trade are no different for Quoted or Non-Quoted work.


Pricing will be as outlaid in any quotation. Areas that are unknown and ‘estimated only’ will be marked as Est or Estimate and the total will be based on known costs in the quote and estimated costs added. The Total for invoicing may be greater or smaller than the total of a quote where an estimated cost is involved. Any Optional upgrades or similar should be clearly endorsed or rejected prior to quote acceptance.

Acceptance of Quote:

Quotes are valid for 30 days from date of quote. The buyer can call the seller for verbal or email confirmation that the quote remains the same in the case of the buyer choosing to accept a quote after the 30 day period. Any increases in cost can be amended prior to quote acceptance should any costs have increased. Changes to the quote can be requested by any party but changes will be performed by the seller only.


Payment will be made in 2 parts with a minimum 50% deposit due from the buyer on quote acceptance. No progress or ordering of any kind will begin prior to a deposit being paid. Special dispensation may be entered into regarding deposits, but this will be at the seller’s discretion and written acceptance of all charges will be required from the buyer. Balance of goods and services contract to be paid not later than 7 days after the invoice is received and within 14 days of job completion. Outstanding balances left unpaid may be forwarded for collections at the seller discretion and the buyer will be liable for all legal costs incurred during debt recovery. The accepted quote along with these terms of trading are the “goods and services contract”.


Installation shall be carried out at a mutually agreed time for all parties within the standard working hours of the seller’s staff. Special arrangements may be made with agreement of both parties for installations outside of standard working hours. Cancellations after arriving to site or buyer cancellations within 18 hours of the start time of a booked install may incur additional costs at the seller’s discretion.

Warranties and liabilities:

Product and workmanship liabilities as per the Consumers Guarantees Act 1993 and Warranties on individual components and products are as per written advice from the manufacturer included with the purchased products. For Warranties to be valid, Product purchase must be completed.

Where product supply delays by a party other than the buyer or seller occurs, no compensation will be entered into by the seller. Any warranty repairs must be by the seller. Presented invoices will not be endorsed or paid unless my prior mutual arrangement. Damage if any caused by installation incidents exceeding $500 will be assessed/corrected under insurance if the seller is found liable.

For such claims of damage during installation all notification to the seller must be within 72hrs and in writing. This can be done at our premises. All liabilities of subcontractors (Plumbers, Electricians, Diesel techs) are ‘all care, no responsibility’ unless otherwise advised.