Clean Air New Installation

Clean Air Replacement


There are many misconceptions around heating in the Canterbury region and the below should help clear things up. We can assure you there are at least 2 viable heating options that do not include electricity both with running cost cheaper than electricity, gas and pellets available for all Canterbury homes.

Read through the below information to assist you to shop for the heating solutions you can have and avoid the heating solutions you cannot.

Clean air New Installation (House has never had a solid fuel heater or a solid fuel device to replace) Excluding Selwyn District

If you live in Canterbury you have no doubt heard the word ULEB passed about. A ULEB is an Ultra Low Emission Burner. These are very new to the market and have had to pass a very stringent testing method called CM1. These ULEB’s can be fitted into any new home or house where solid fuel heating has never been before. If you had a fire removed and it has been greater than 12 months since the removal, then this would then be the only wood burner product available to you. There are several ULEB brands on the market for use that we can supply. Like all modern fires burn times are shorter than fires of the 80’s and over night burning isn’t possible. The second option are Diesel Fires, Diesel fires look like a log fire and have been in use in Canterbury since the 1950’s. Diesel is the second cheapest way to heat your home with very close to wood heating costs and can happily burn over night.  More information is under our ‘Ultra low emission burners’ and ‘Diesel fires’ product tabs.


Clean air replacement (Inside the clean air zone or less than 2 hectares outside the clean air zone and replacing a Solid fuel heat source)

If you’re in Canterbury and on less than 2 hectares your fire being installed must be a clean air model. The great new is these are available and affordably priced. Also if you live in the Selwyn district you can have a clean air fire even if you are not replacing an existing fire.

Where replacement is concerned you have a huge range to choose from. To qualify for a replacement you need only have a solid fuel in your home that can be operated. There is misinformation out there that says open fires and chip heaters cannot be replaced as you cannot use them. This is incorrect as you are legally allowed to use any non-compliant solid fuel during the 6 Spring/Summer months of the year. If your open fire/chip heater/wood fired boiler/pellet fire/wood fire is able to be lit and operated then you are allowed to replace it.

Your choices are any fire that appears on ECAN’s approved wood burner list. You can also choose to upgrade to a ULEB at this point though you have only a short time to choose a conventional clean air fire, then this choice will cease and ULEB’s will be the only option available.


Rural (Outside the clean air zones and greater than 2 hectares land size)

Rural settings are a land parcel equal or greater than 2 hectares and outside of ECAN clean air zones. This opens you up to any and every possible heating option. (Check local council for specific heating bylaws though) Your range includes clean air and rural wood fires, Multi fuels, diesel fires. If we can procure and fit just about anything legally.


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