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What is ULEB

Ultra Low Emission Burner

Do I need consent?


Do you sell parts?

Yes, we sell all Tropicair parts

Do you have a display of the DUO and RUA

Yes, come see us at 32 Sandyford Street, Sydenham CHH

I live in a clean air region, can I still have a wood burner?

Yes. A ULEB can be installed in any home, including in a clean air region

What is the difference between the single and double chambers?

The double chamber is designed so the emissions are pushed down into the bottom combustion chamber where the emissions are reburnt before being released out the flue with less emissions.

Do I need to get my ULEB flue cleaned?

Yes, in Christchurch we recommend Chim Chim: Ph 0800 22 44 64

How do I use a wood burner?

Check out this website, it has helpful videos e.g.

- How to light on a fire

- How to tell if your wood is dry

- Why are there large unburnt logs

- Why is my wood burners glass dirty

-What can I do if my fire is too hot

- Why does smoke come into the room when I open the door

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