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ULEB RUA. ultra low emission burner. clean air approved. comsumer recommended.
Tropicair RUA woodburner

Ultra Low Emission Burner (ULEB)

designed & made in Canterbury NZ

ideal for new build & existing homes

clean air approved in all zones

highly efficient

wood stack base

cook top

heats a 2 -3 bedroom home



made in New Zealand

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tropicair is the sustainable choice
Tropicair ULEB are clean air approved
Tropicair ULEB are made for all homes, for remodels and new builds
Our ULEBs are the best heating option for you and your family

2 -3 bedroom

0.2g/kg NES
0.41g/kg CM1

70% efficiency 

clean air approved in all zones

heat output

tropicair heating is 5 star
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