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Since the 1980’s Tropicair Heating Ltd directed by Nick Visser who designed and manufactured domestic woodburner including the Horizon 450, Horizon 600, Tawa, Kowhai and Rimu and the Blue Flame and Blaze Diesel fires.  With the new strict Clean Air CM1 Tested fires needed for the canterbury area brought in 2015, saw the release of the 1st NZ made Ultra Low Emission Burner the Tropicair Duo and then the Tropicair Rua.  After over 55 years, Nick made the hard decision to retire and sell the business in December 2020.


January 2021 birthed the newly owned and renamed Tropicair Heating 2021 Ltd, Peter Stanley and Gary Woolf took on this new and exciting business venture with a passion to keep this great business going concentrating on the production of Ultra Low Emission Burner range the Duo and Rua.  Amanda Visser, daughter of Nick Visser has come on board bringing knowledge and experience.


At Tropicair Heating 2021 Ltd, we manufacture our own range of ULEB’s.

Fire – It’s in our DNA. We all love to see and feel the heat, see the flames, watch the embers glow, spark a conversation and chat. Whether inside or outside, the comfort of a nice fire is appealing to everyone.  But no-one wants a smoky fire!

For the best in clean burning (fire without the smoke), we recommend a Tropicair Ultra Low Emission Burner – or ULEB for short. 

Tropicair ULEB’s are twin chamber systems. The top chamber acts like a traditional fire, housing the burning wood. But the real work is done in the second chamber. When the wood in the top chamber is hot enough, the gases leaving the burning wood that usually produce smoke are drafted down into the bottom chamber where the special Tropicair design provides just the right amount of air to support the most complete combustion possible of the gases. This creates a jet like flame adding to the visual appeal and additional heat for you, and importantly the jet like flame consumes the smoky gases meaning very low emissions leave the fireplace via the flue. 

You gain additional radiant heat with the twin doors and increased convection heat from the high wraparound panel.  This means more heating for your place while using less wood.  You can feel the exceptional quality of heat generated from one of our New Zealand made ULEBs.

Tropicair ULEB’s come in two sizes to meet your personal requirements.  

  • The DUO is our larger ULEB and is suitable for heating a 3 – 4 bedroom house.  The DUO is rated to be one of the most efficient fires in New Zealand.  And what’s more, the Duo can also be supplied with a wetback.

  • The RUA is our medium size ULEB and is suitable for heating a small residence with 2 -3 bedrooms.  The RUA is rated to be in the top ten most efficient fires in New Zealand.


Our Duo and Rua models are tested to the stringent CM1 standard for emissions and can be installed anywhere in New Zealand. 

And… Our ULEB’s come in different colours!!

Want to know more about how to get a ULEB?  We can answer your questions about ULEB’s.


Email us today to find out more. 

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